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Hay Day Hack

For you who use the Android operation system on your smartphone, you will find the interesting game named Hay day Hack. We can say that this game is the most popular game in Android user. Plays this game will make us feel real as a farmer. You can show the fields, plant and also harvest a various kind of vegetables. After that, you can sell the vegetables to get some profit. When you are playing this game then you will feel a little bit familiar with other game name Harvest Moon. View years ago, the Harvest Moon game also become the most favorite game.

Play the Game Get the Diamonds

You can download this Hay Day Hack game freely on your Android gadget. If you want to buy some diamonds using the real money or credit card then you can move to professional application purchase. Besides the diamonds, you can also get another cheat on this funny game. You can get the item easily by following the steps below. There are some features that you will get while playing the game:

  • You can customize and also grow for your farm
  • You can also build your town and then welcoming the visitors there
  • You can have some orders and fulfill it using the truck or using a steamboat
  • Repairing your cast and your dock also your lure to let the fish into the water
  • You can have some fresh good and also trade crops with your friends or your neighbor through your roadside store

Some review from the Hay Day Hack users are about their addicted to this game. Of course, they love to plant and have some fresh vegetables. The addicted means also in a very positive way. Here is some tips that you can do to be successful in playing this game also collect the Hay Day Cheat:

  1. You will have some vegetables that you should plant. It will count to twice when the harvested. For example, when you plant some corn then you will get two on your silo. But you have to remember to save the seed. Do not let the seed come out so fast without any left over. You have to save the seed because it will be so useful when one day you want to make some product from it. When you do not have a seed then you should buy it using your diamond. The bigger your field then you also needs to take care of your livestock. That is why you should keep some corn, wheat, soybeans and others on your silo.

  2. You also have to plant some vegetables or other plant that grow slowly in the night. In this Hay Day Hack game, you can find some plants that can grow in a very short time. They can grow in a minutes. Carrot, wheat and also the corn can grow fast. For the plants that grow slowly you can choose some like pumpkin and also indigo. They need more time to grow up. You can plant them before you sleep, work or going at school. The purpose is that you can directly harvest them after you wake up or get back from your activity. You can also do this tip when you want to produce some products that need help from some livestock.

  3. Remember that you should never sell your yields to your visitors. Some visitors will come to your fields but they usually offer a very low price for the product. Do not hesitate to reject their offering because they will not be angry. They will come again to your field next time. If you still want to sell something to them, just sell to them a product that easily to produce like egg.

  4. The best way to sell your product is to roadside stand. You can also sell it to your follower or to your friend that also play this game. You can check the newspaper to know about the market price of some product and you can have the good price from it. You can also give them special price or discount so that many people will interest with your offer.

  5. Sometimes, you will find a bulletin board that full with order. Do not hesitate to reject the order when you really do not have the stock that they need. Of course, they usually give you high price. Do not need to get worry because you will find the other order later in minutes. If you can accept it then you may do it freely.

  6. Do not forget to balance your experiences also your money. The purpose of playing this game is to complete your experiences but you also have some chance to collect some money. You will get some coin for your money and get the star for your experiences. The more you play then it will increase your level. The coin is not everything because you can have higher level by reaching your experiences.

  7. You can also have some trick to collect the diamond on this Hay Day Cheat. When you can level up then it will automatically give you a diamond. From starting this game until you finish it then you can get for about 93 diamonds. Sometimes, you can also get some ticket to watch some Hollywood movie. If you receive the ticket and watch the film then you will get the diamond too. You can also fishing the diamond after you reach the level 27.

Overall, Hay Day game is not too difficult to play. The one that you need is just perseverance and also the patience. You also need to use your strategic to collect the diamond, planting the vegetables and other plant in the right time. The more you play the Hay Day Hack then you will have the better strategy. It will make you have the better way to have the Hay Day Cheat during your playing time. Just enjoy your game and be a winner.

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